Yakinikuya – Part Two

Yakiniku Ya Japanese Barbecue.  Vancouver BC, Canada
Vancouver graphic designer Jung Shin and I are were back at the Vancouver Japanese barbecue restaurant Yakinikuya. We were there back in March for a shoot for Jung’s web page and social media campaign. Since then the, Yakinikuya has tripled their business, so they asked us back to photograph the rest of the menu. These are a few of my favourites from our two eight hour shooting days this week.

Yakiniku Ya Japanese Barbecue.  Vancouver BC, Canada
Bacon wrapped asparagus. Just goes to prove that you can wrap anything in bacon and it’s delicious.

Yakiniku Ya Japanese Barbecue.  Vancouver BC, Canada
The heart of Japanese barbecue, the brazier set into the dinner table.

Yakiniku Ya Japanese Barbecue.  Vancouver BC, Canada

Tech Stuff
For the photo of the grilling meet, I wanted to get the red glow from the heating elements in the photos. The three Alien Bee’s together drove the f/stop up to f/11, so I needed to get the shutter speed down to about a 1/4 second for the glow to register. There wasn’t enough room for a tripod in there (hardly enough room for the two big light stands, boom stand, and laptop, as well as all the cables and cords running all over the place) so I had to carefully hand hold the camera. There was a little blurring, but I thought it really added some depth to the shot.

I almost never use a tripod for the food photos. On top of it just being too tight in most of the restaurants we’re working, I also find that if you have the camera locked into one position, all the photos look the same. If you’re hand holding it, there’s a different point of view in every shot. We’re totally overpowering the ambient light with the studio strobes, so camera shake isn’t an issue.

For the photo of the beef in the BBQ sauce, the design called for a shot with the BBQ ingredients in the back ground. I used my 70-200mm lens to compress it into a tight frame. To get it lined up, I had to contort myself into a corner.

Camera: Nikon D3
Lenses: Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8 and Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8
Lighting: Alien Bee B-1600 strobe lights X 3

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