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Whistler Real Estate Photography Packages

Hotel Suites – $200.00

  • Includes up to 4 inside photos.
  • No exterior views.

One & Two Bedroom Units – $250.00

  • Includes up to 12 interior photos.
  • Exterior views.

Three Bedroom Townhouses – $300.00

  • Includes up to 18 interior photos.
  • Exterior views.

Large Units and Houses – $350.00

  • Includes up to 20 interior photos.
  • Exterior views, both daylight and dusk.

Executive Houses and Commercial Buildings – $500.00

  • Total coverage of the interior, including photos with studio lighting.
  • Exterior views, both daylight and dusk.

Real Estate Video – $200.00

High Angle Pole Photography
I use a large 16′ painters pole for exterior architectural photography. This gives the same kind of angle of view as camera drone, but using a high quality professional camera and without the legal issues and liabilities of flying a drone in a residential area.
Whistler Real Estate Photography
This is an example of a good high angle photo. The camera here was up 16′ on a heavy duty painters pole.

Whistler Real Estate Photography
Here is the same building from ground level.

Interior Stylist – $75

      • Styling makes a huge difference.  Most of the time, owner or property manager can handle the styling, but if not I can provide a room stylist.

Travel inside Whistler, and to Pemberton and the Vancouver area are included in the price.  Travel costs to the Fraser Valley and beyond are negotiable.

All the photos are taken with top of the line Nikon camera gear, with image files that can be used for web, print, and display prints.  Photos are a combination of professional lighting and HDR digital photography.  Exterior photos at dusk are part of the larger packages, but are optional with the small unit packages.

Photo Tips – A few tips to optimize your real estate photos.

      • Time of day really matters.  If there is sunlight, or even strong overcast light, coming through the windows, we can’t shoot.  What happens is that the areas where the sun hits will over-expose and turn into big white blotches.  To deal with this, let us know which way the building faces so that we can shoot while the sun is behind the unit.  South and west facing buildings need to be photographed in the mornings, while north and east facing buildings need to be photographed in the afternoon.  As a good rule of thumb, units in Whistler located in the Village, Blackcomb area, and Taluswood need to be photographed in the morning, while units in Blueberry Hill and along Alta lake Road need to be photographed in the afternoon.
      • Propping and styling is everything.  It’s really important that the unit is clean and clear of any unnecessary clutter.  Beds should be made with high quality linens.  Flowers and some coffee table books really help with photos of the living room and den areas.  The dining room should be set for dinner.  Most of the time, the owner can handle the styling, but if needed I can also provide a stylist for a $75 fee.
      • Keep the blinds and curtains open.  Nothing makes a unit look smaller than not being able to see out the windows.

For stock photography for use in marketing materials, I have an on-line stock photography gallery of photos from Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver.

For realtor’s headshots and executive portraits, check out my portrait page.

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