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Whistler Headsets on Location

Whistler Business Headshots
Nine of the twenty three Whistler headshots I photographed for an international financial services company at their annual meeting in Whistler.

I received an interesting request for some Whistler headshots the other day. It was from a financial services company who were having their annual meeting at the Hilton Hotel. The company wanted a set of matching business portraits, or headshots, and since their executives were spread all over the world, Vancouver, Asia, England, I had to do the photography in the middle of their very busy annual meeting.

Being a commercial photographer and doing a lot of Whistler headshots, it’s not an uncommon job for me to come to a hotel and set up a studio on location.

I set up my studio in an empty board room at the Hilton first thing that morning, as the first group was set to come down during the morning coffee break. In 20 minutes, I shot the first six portraits, or about one every three minutes for both a tight head and shoulders portrait and a 3/4 length relaxed business portrait. I photographed the last 17 portraits in about an hour over the lunch break.

For more of my headshot work, check out my business portrait page at http://www.media-centre.ca/headshots/

Tech Stuff

Whistler Business Headshots
A quick view of my set up in the Whistler Hilton boardroom.

Camera – Nikon d800 w/ AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8 II

Lighting – Paul C. Buff B-1600 Alien Bee strobes x 3