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Vancouver photojournalist and news photographer David Buzzard.

Starting as a newspaper photographer while still in high school, David Buzzard moved to South Africa in 1994 to cover the end of apartheid, working for the Durban Daily News, Sunday Times, and Weekly Mail & Guardian newspapers. While he was the Durban photographer for the Mail & Guardian newspaper, it was awarded the British IPD Best International Newspaper Award, and the Missouri Medal for Distinguished Journalism. David’s photography was featured prominently in Michael Schmidt’s acclaimed book on post-apartheid South Africa, Drinking With Ghosts: The Aftermath of Apartheid’s Dirty War.

In 2012, David returned to newspaper photography, working extensively for the Whistler Question, Pique NewsMagazine, and Squamish Chief newspapers. He has since won eight press awards, including two first-place gold medals from the Canadian Community Newspaper Association in 2015.

The 1990 Lillooet Lake Road Blockade.
Sugar cane farmers, South Africa.

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