2012 Stock Photo Round-Up

Whistler Vancouver Tough Mudder
This intent looking guy from this year’s Tough Mudder event was the only stock sale I had this that I actually photographed in 2012. Some of my sales this year go back to 2004, the year I moved from film to digital. This sold to a US editorial magazine.

At the end of every year, I usually have some time on my hands to review my stock photography sales for the year. I have an agency in Europe called Alamy that deals primarily with travel and location photos. It’s not a big money making thing for me, but it’s a good source of beer money, and I enjoy doing it.

Polar Bear Swim
Like the Tough Mudder shot, this was from an editorial assignment that I uploaded after the magazine had gone to press. This is the annual Squamish new year’s day polar bear swim which was, oddly enough, picked up by a Finnish travel magazine. You would think they would have some home grown Finnish polar bear swimmers.

South Africa Sugar Cane Cutters
This is a colour shot from a B&W photo project I did on sugar farming in South Africa. A couple of these shots were picked up for use in corporate annual reports. B&W is a great medium for photojournalism, but those images rarely sell as stock images.

Gold Reef Casino.  Johannesburg, South Africa
This subtle piece of art is in the Gold Reef Casino in Johannesburg South Africa. An odd thing about Johannesburg is that they have restrictions on photography in almost all big public areas. I ended up getting thrown out of the Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela Square, and the above mentioned casino for taking pictures, all of which have yielded enough stock sales to pay for the trip. I guess nobody else has any pictures of these spaces. This photo ran in a Russian magazine.

Hors d'oeuvres
Never go by an interesting food platter without getting a photo. I sell a lot of food photos, like this one from a Whistler wedding that ran in a Mexican magazine.

Valley of Fire
This is the Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas. We were out there on vacation a few years ago, and I’ve sold a few images from the trip. We tried to jump our rental car off the sharp lip in the road, but could only get the front wheels off the ground.

Stock Photos round-up – David Buzzard Photography