Strong Squamish Women

Squamish Miller-Capilano snow plow driver Celina Poirier with her snow plow truck. David Buzzard Photography
Squamish Miller-Capilano snow plow driver Celina Poirier with her snow plow truck. 

This Squamish portrait was shot for a community feature on local Squamish Snowplow driver Celina Poirier in the Squamish Chief, a career heavy transport truck driver originally from Quebec who has spent the last few winters plowing the Sea to Sky Highway between West Vancouver and Whistler.

I did a few photos of her sitting in the cab of the plow and standing in front of the plow, but they weren’t that exciting and didn’t really show the scale of the truck. The front plow blade was huge and I loved the shape of it, and Celina is also quite petit, so I asked her to crawl up inside of the blade for a couple of shots. I lit her with a big Godox flash and put another smaller one at the narrow end of the blade to light the inside of it up.

Squamish motorcycle racer Kat Gina Jezowicz with her BMW motorcycle. David Buzzard Photography
Squamish motorcycle racer Kat Gina Jezowicz on her BMW motorcycle.

This was for story for the Squamish Chief on women who ride that ran in the international women’s day supplement. Since we shot the photo in early February, Kat Gina didn’t have her bike on the road and there was a ton of snow on the ground, she had to wheel the bike out onto her drive way where I lit her with the big Godox strobe.

Squamish councillor Jenna Stoner, at the Eagle Run in Brackendale. David Buzzard Photography
Squamish councillor Jenna Stoner at the Eagle Run viewpoint in Brackendale.

This was for a portrait to go with a feature on newly elected Squamish councillor Jenna Stoner and Squamish women who lead. I love the view of Squamish river from the big flood control dyke in Brackendale so asked her to meet me there for the photo. Because of Jenna’s schedule we had to shoot right at sunset, which made for some really nice evening light. I used a Godox flash to light her, but it was turned down really low so not to overpower the existing light.

Squamish Teen lifter 15 year old Tia Pascuzzi. David Buzzard Photography
Squamish Teen lifter 15 year old Tia Pascuzzi.

Squamish barbell co-owner Heather Bell. David Buzzard Photography
Squamish barbell co-owner Heather Bell.

Competitive lifter Tonya Motyka. David Buzzard Photography
Competitive lifter Tonya Motyka.

This was on a story about women power lifters who work out of local gym Squamish Barbell.

It was pretty dark inside the gym, so I used both Godox strobe in a soft box, along with a speed light to give the highlights on lifters.

Tech Stuff
All the photos were lit with a Godox AD200 flash mounted in either a small or medium sized softbox. I really like the Godox flash, it’s powerful enough for most outdoor portraits, but it’s also small enough to be quick and easy to set up.

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