2013 Stock Photos

Kruger National Park
Land Rover camping at Punda Maria camp. Kruger National Park, South Africa. My 2009/2010 South African trip has been the gift that keeps on giving, stock wise. This was at the Punda Maria campsite at the far northern park of Kruger National park. They were the only other people in the campsite, which might have had something to do with it being so hot that it went off the top of the thermometer (it finally dropped to 45 degrees celsius at midnight), and had so many fist sized cicada moths that you couldn’t hold a conversation over the noise they made.

It’s been a good year for my stock photo sales this year, nearly 100% more than last year. I mainly sell my work through the British agency Alamy, which is more of a travel and editorial photo agency. A common denominator among most of my sales this year are that most of them were shot either in places where photography is prohibited (the Apartheid Museum and Mandela Square in Johannesburg are good examples), or are fairly far off the beaten track, like Northern Kruger Park, Port Townsend, or the top of the Sani Pass in Lesotho. Although I live in one of the busiest resorts in North America, I hardly ever move a stock photo from Whistler.

Nelson Mandela Square.  Johannesburg
Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg. I’ve sold a lot of photos from this trip to Johannesburg, and especially from Mandela Square. I was only shooting for a few minutes before I got thrown out by security, as apparently there is a strict no photography policy. I was able to get a dozen separate photos, and all of them have sold multiple times.

Sani Pass, Lesotho
The top of the Sani Pass, which goes from South Africa to Lesotho. You have to be a pretty brave tourist to drive up here. This was taken from the same view point that the last scene of the movie ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ was filmed at, where the little San Bushman throws the coke bottle off the end of the world.

South African Potjiekos
A South African Potjiekos, or outdoor stew pot. This is funny, as I gave this to my brother James for his birthday, and that evening, we had a big cook up. A potjiekos is designed for cooking on a campfire, and sits on three cast iron legs, so we lit up some barbecue brickettes in an old washing machine drum. I grabbed a couple of quick shots and uploaded them to Alamy without giving it much thought. Every two or three months since then, I sell this shot to someone or other, it’s one of my biggest selling images.

Port Townsend Washington
Victorian Buildings. Port Townsend, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, USA Joyce and I are big fans of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and have been spending a lot of spare time down there. Port Townsend is full of old Victorian buildings.

Granville Street, Vancouver BC
Granville street in downtown Vancouver. This shot ran in a major travel guide.

Tough Mudder, Whistler BC
The Tough Mudder event at the Olympic Nordic Park. This sold, strangely enough, to a magazine in Sierra Leone.